John Gallagher has been involved with the design and construction of extraordinary homes for unique individuals for more than 30 years. Licensed as a general contractor in California since 1976, he has worked with many of Southern California’s finest architects including Armistead Smith, Ken Ronchetti, Randy Dalyrymple, Don Edson, Doug Martin, Jon Nalavenko, Don Coordt, and Mark Feldman.

As a builder, John Gallagher is committed to the highest standards of Old World craftsmanship and impeccable execution of design. With extensive experience executing complex structural challenges and unique aesthetics, he strives for a new level of excellence in the art of fine home building with every project.

As a designer, John Gallagher is committed to successful, aesthetic designs that are cost-efficient to build. His focus is upon the functional use of space that is simultaneously beautiful and comfortable. With his background as a builder, his design goal is to achieve the maximum possible aesthetic for the lowest possible cost.

With projects featured in over 30 publications including awards from the AIA and SDHG "Home of the Year", John Gallagher has been recognized both locally and nationally as a "Master Builder". In 2005, John Gallagher expanded his presence to the Big Island of Hawaii. Since that time, he has upgraded and managed a successful six bedroom vacation rental in Kona and has upgraded and sold a 4000 square foot historic property in Waimea, the Penhallow Estate which was Don Ho’s vacation home for several years. He also has an on-going renovation with an oceanfront estate on Alii Drive for a major client.

While continuing to service his client base in San Diego, John Gallagher has recognized a unique opportunity in Hawaii for providing a level of quality at affordable prices that is generally not found on the islands. Whether the project is a small addition or major estate, John Gallagher has consistently produced high quality homes for exceptionally satisfied customers.

John Gallagher is the Master Builder.